Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone

It’s easy to take a chance on something when it’s a “safe” move or an easy decision. Of course it is. When you don’t have to leave your comfort zone, you don’t even have to think twice about taking that step. But when you’re scared as hell and have no idea how it’s going to turn out, yet you go after it anyways …THAT’S LIVING!

“Be afraid and do it anyway.”

This is honestly some of the best advice I had ever been given and really wanted to share it with you all. See, even if that risk you took doesn’t turn out exactly like you wanted it to OR it doesn’t work out at all, you still are winning; you still can check off the accomplish box.

Now following along – this is because you will never be the same after that. You will have grown and learned so much because you believed in yourself. See, you can never fail when you follow your dreams. You will have changed yourself and have such a stronger mindset by taking that risk and really going for something you wanted. It’s so important to be kind to ourself and be proud of the steps we take outside of our comfort zone. It’s not an easy task but it is so worth it in the long run. Just wait and see for yourself.

XOX – Alysser Marie

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